here’s the list of what i get when i was 17! hahaha

1. my very first a bucket of roses, a super cute cupcakes, three tarts (from my classmate, my cousin, and the supadupa late tart from my bestfrined! haha), some gifts, and dolphinnn abit ewhhh!

2. abis putus dan langsung ditinggal balikan! baru pertama kali dan itu rasanyaaa…damn you!

3. a nice ip:”””””)

4. being in relationship with someone i never guess before. my one and only ADITYA PRATOMO!

5. i lost my cellphone, my red phone, my gemini on my first mensiversary with my boy:”””””””(

6. i get my new phone a month after i lost my gemini! YEAYERS! THANK YOU MOMMY!

7. a super nice ipk. Alhamdulillah:”””””””)

8. the longest relationship i ever did! a half year:”) and we are still counting to our forever after relationship! Aamiin.

9. i’ll add some if i remember something interesting when i was 17 haha

today is my birthday. my 18yo birthday. its time to say good bye to the sweetest 17!:( 🙂


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