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  1. 24/7“. Definition: All the time; always available; without a break. Example: “The convenience store opens 24/7.”
  2. rookie“. Definition: A beginner; one who is new to a profession or field. Example: “He’s a rookie in basketball.”
  3. not my cup of tea“. Definition: Something not to your liking or you don’t like to do. Example: “Art is not my cup of tea.”
  4. peace out“. Definition: A friendly way to say goodbye. Example: “Peace out, guys. I’m logging out.”
  5. hit the road“. Definition: To leave; to go home. Example: “It’s getting late, I’m gonna hit the road.”
  6. idiot box“. Definition: A television. Example: “People usually waste their time staring at the idiot box the whole day.”
  7. no-brainer“. Definition: Something that is easy to do, requiring little effort. Example: “Primary Maths is a no-brainer.”
  8. swag“. Definition: Appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves. Example: “Man, I love your swag!”
  9. screw up“. Definition: To make a major mistake. Example: “He screwed up the whole relationship, so he ended up alone.”
  10. freak“. Definition: A social outcast or misfit; a strange person. Example: “He has got no friends. What a freak.”
  11. gibberish“. Definition: Speech that doesn’t make sense; nonsensical words & phrases. Example: “Stop talking gibberish!”
  12. da bomb“. Definition: Excellent, the best. “He’s da bomb! I think he’s the best guitar player I’ve ever known.”
  13. chillin‘”. Definition: spending time with friends. Example: “Where are you going?” | “Just chillin’ at the mall.”
  14. dude“. Definition: a guy, a male. Example: “Hey! Check this out, dude!”
  15. fab“. Definition: a short version of “fabulous”. Example: “This Twitter account is so fab!”
  16. get it“. Definition: understand. Example: “I don’t get it. Why did she have to do that?”
  17. bent“. Definition: angry. Example: “I’m so bent, I can explode.”
  18. killer“. Definition: something great or extraordinary. Example: “God! The band is a killer!”
  19. to the max“. Definition: maximum. Example: “Help! I am bored to the max.”
  20. quick and dirty“. Definition: to do things fast, but not well. Example: “Such a quick and dirty work you did. The boss hated it.”
  21. suck“. Definition: bad or unacceptable. Example: “The movie sucks. It’s making me sleepy.”
  22. totally“. Definition: really or completely. Example: “Their new song is totally awesome, man!”
  23. “Booze”: alcohol. Contoh: “I need some booze tonight.”
  24. “All wet”: completely wrong. Contoh: “Your ideas about politics are all wet.”
  25. “Blown away”: greatly impressed. Contoh: “I was blown away by your attitude.”
  26. “Break it up”: stop it. Contoh: “Break it up or I will call your parents.”
  27. jock“. Definition: An athlete, particularly a male athlete. “He’s a jock. He’s used to winning sport games.”
  28. downer“. Definition: Something or someone that is depressing; anything that makes one sad. “She’s a downer. I don’t like her around.”
  29. blow it“. Definition: To lose or waste something; to do very poorly or fail miserably. “Don’t blow it. This is your last chance.”
  30. green thumb“. Definition: A special talent for gardening. “Your garden in lovely. You must have a green thumb.”
  31. know-it-all“. Definition: A person who thinks they know everything. “It’s Mr know-it-all who can’t stop interrupting our speech.”
  32. cold feet“. Definition: Loss of courage; fear. “I always get cold feet every time I have to speak in front of public.”
  33. raise the roof“. Definition: To have fun and make a lot of noise. “The party is on. Let’s raise the roof.”
  34. hog“. Definition: To selfishly claim all of something; to eat or take everything. “Don’t hog the car. It’s not yours.”
  35. high five“. Definition: A way to say “Bravo!” or “Good job!” by slapping someone’s hand in the air. “Great job! Give me high five!”
  36. Hole up: bersembunyi. “I had to hole up for three days because the police were looking for me.”
  37. Paw: tangan. “Get your paws off of my body.”
  38. Con: deceive (menipu). Contoh: “Don’t try to con me!”
  39. Cut: dilute (melarutkan). Contoh: “Could you cut my juice with a little water? It’s too sweet.”
  40. Dork: strange person. Contoh: “Oh… He’s such a dork…”
  41. Flaky: unreliable (tidak dapat diandalkan). Contoh: “He’s too flaky to do those things.”
  42. Goofy: foolish, silly. Contoh: “She’s so goofy! We couldn’t stop laughing!”
  43. Have a buzz on: slightly intoxicated. Contoh: “I had a buzz on after the third glasses of beer.”
  44. Heaved: vomited. Contoh: “I heaved on the floor last night.”
  45. Pain in the neck: annoying. Contoh: “My friend is a pain in the neck.”
  46. Grub on: makan. ‘I’m so hungry but there is nothing quick that I can grub on.’
  47. Huffy: marah. “I will do it soon so please don’t get huffy.”
  48. Honcho: bos. “The honcho says that we are going to have to give up two days of our vacation.”
  49. Hot: dicuri. “The police stopped them because they thought the car was hot.”
  50. Knock: mengkritik. “Don’t knock it if you can’t do it any better.”
  51. Mush: tidak masuk akal. “That is total mush and you know it.”
  52. Pad: tempat tinggal. “Have you found a pad yet?”
  53. Nick: menangkap. “The police nicked the shoplifter as he was leaving the store.”
  54. Nuke: senjata nuklir. “Does that attack plane have any nukes?”
  55. Pig out: makan banyak sekali, overeat. ‘At the party, we pigged out the pizzas and hamburgers.’
  56. Red hot: penting. ‘Since she is the CEO, anything she does is red hot.’
  57. Go bananas: menggila. ‘I need to go holiday immediately or I’m going to go bananas.’
  58. Goofy: konyol. ‘Stop acting so goofy! What will people say about you?’
  59. Pain in the neck: menyebalkan. ‘She is a pain the neck.’
  60. Have a good vibes: mempunyai feeling yang baik mengenai seseorang atau sesuatu. ‘I have a good vibes about Jonas.’
  61. Rug rat: anak. ‘They have two rug rats.’
  62. Piece of cake: hal yang mudah untuk dilakukan. ‘Don’t worry, cooking is a piece of cake for me.’
  63. Mickey mouse: tidak masuk akal, hanya buang-buang waktu. ‘I’m sick of this mickey-mouse assignment. ’

i stole em from : http://englishtips4u.com/

from slang option >> http://englishtips4u.com/category/slang-2/


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